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Spiritual Coach, Meditation Teacher & Hypnotist

How is it I became a Spiritual Coach, Meditation Teacher and Hypnotist?


In years before I remember I apparently wanted to be a vicar. My life has never separated from my spiritual journey.

I have studied and explored the western mystery tradition, celtic spirituality, yogic philosophy, meditation and much more.

More than ever I see people lost, not belonging, or struggling to find self worth, self love and the voice of their true self. Others have found they have become disillusioned within a modern world.

I have run retreats, workshops and groups, helping others explore their inner life. I have trained as a person centred counsellor, hypnosis, meditation teacher and N.L.P practitioner as well as 10 years studying celtic spirituality with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids and Siddha Yoga.

Along my path I have been blessed to meet some amazing people and share life changing moments. Now more than ever I believe people need to connect to their spiritual nature, even those who do not believe in spirituality. The well-spring of inner wisdom never runs dry, my role as a spiritual coach is to bring people to that place of deep peace, wisdom, joy and happiness.

I believe that the best expression of our spiritual self is the one that we discover from within. We all have to live lives, we cannot just hide away. My approach empowers people to discover the integration of the spiritual with the mundane. To live spiritually, whatever your everyday life demands.

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