I am in the process of teaching 1,000,000

people to meditate for free, and I need your help.

TOTAL SO FAR 0,000,402  - Updated 26/6/20

The Story So Far...

IMeditate started out as a response to the lock down that so many have experienced as part of the Covid-19 pandemic.

I wanted to start to offer people an opportunity to learn meditation, to relax and release some of the stress and fear they were experiencing. 

I have been practising meditation on and off for the 30 years, it is a wonderful companion in life. The mental and physical benefits are worth the time it takes to learn.

I was writing the spiritual coaching blog one morning and as I re-read my words, I realised that without noticing it I had typed the words. I want to teach 1 million people meditate for free.

Sitting back from my laptop I thought over these words. And suddenly got very excited. 


Why Not! Let's do this.

However, I need your help

How You Can Help

1. Learn Meditation with me.

Join the IMeditate FB Group or Download the IMeditate guide to meditation from below.

2. Share I do not know 1 million people, but if you share the guide, share the group with anyone and everyone you know that maybe interested we can do this.

3. Donate the offer to teach meditation to 1 million people for free is a big commitment. It will cost me time and money. If you want to support this huge undertaking please consider making a donation to support the project.

Links to all 3 of these easy ways you can help are below.


Join IMeditate Facebook Group

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Download your free guide to meditation.

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Support the aim of 1 million people learning meditation.

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