3 Secrets to Mastering the Art of Spiritual Living

"The three states of existence of living beings:

the state of Abred in Annwn

the state of liberty in humanity

the state of love, that is Gwynvyd in heaven."

In a modern day world more people than ever are looking for a spiritual path to live their lives by. Where a lot of the established religions seem to be out of touch with life for some people, the #spiritualbutnotreligous movement is growing.

Often we can overcomplicate the spiritual life, and even just seeing it as something we do can distance us from the very lifestyle we seek.

The above quote is one of the triads of the British Isles, taken from the Barddas of Iolo Morganwg. An author whose writings have influenced modern day #Druidry and #Celtic #spirituality. Although it is now thought that he wrote most of the material himself we forget that even the most ancient and sacred of texts were written by individuals somewhere in the distant past. Can #wisdom and #inspiration be found there? I think so.

The triad reveals to us three secrets of living the spiritual life.

Abred in Annwn

#Abred is the circle of life we find ourselves in. The human experience in the physical world. #Anwwn is the primordial beginning from which all life comes forth, life at it's most basic.

Abred in Annwn is simplicity, living life in a non complicated way. The number of people I speak to who say they are struggling to find their spiritual #connection and when you ask them about their life it is so over crowded with doing and being and acquiring that there is little surprise that they struggle to make that connection. The early Celtic saints and monks would live a simple life, with a daily rhythm, often in remote spots for #meditation and #contemplation. This was not to hide away from the world, but to remove the distractions that the world presents and to live more fully in the #now.

If you are finding it difficult to discover your spiritual connection then the first secret is to simplify. Look at your life, where is it unnecessarily complicated? How can you start to live a simpler life, today?

Liberty in Humanity

Where do we find our liberty, our freedom?

As I sit here, the rain, rattling at my window, the wind, howling through the window pains of my top floor office of our Georgian town house. I start to think about freedom, liberty. Today I am imprisoned by the weather, the elements hold me a prisoner in my own home.

But, actually, they do not. So often we think of ways in which we feel stuck, held back, restrained in life and project that onto the world around us.

Yet, if I were to choose, I could wrap up, pop on a hat and go for a walk.

It is very rare, especially in the western world that we are not free. You see, the thoughts, the things we tell ourselves about reality are the things that keep us trapped, imprisoned. We are held captive by bad thinking.

Thoughts such as, " Why am I never happy?" "Why cannot I not change my life" "Why can I not find a sense of unity", these kind of thoughts do just one thing!

They keep you trapped!

If you ask your mind a question it will have to go find an answer, even if you have forgotten you asked the question. Asking why something is a certain way will only turn up more reasons for why it is that way. Showing you lots of examples of why things are not great. Liberty, freedom starts when we realise it is our thoughts that define our reality, the words we use create our experience.

To be in a state of liberty is to think in a way that does not keep you stuck in life, but opens you up to new possibilities. Questions such as:

How do I find more connection in life today?

What will I do today that will bring me closer to my true purpose?

As I live today authentically and connected to spirit, enjoying the journey, what will I do to find new ways of expressing myself, spiritually within my life?

As I discover more freedom in my life today, learning more about who I truly am how do I sustain this expression of my spiritual self?

These are the #secret questions and ones like them that will set you free.

Gwynvyd in Heaven

It is often the secret that is right under your face that is the simplest and most powerful.

Gwynvyd in Heaven invites us to lift our own light up to a state of love.

The Beatles were sharing this secret when they sang, " All You Need is Love" .

It often seems a cliché, and that is why sometimes I feel we can over look this step toward living a more spiritual #lifestyle. To develop in love is to look openly at who we are, to see our prejudices and transform them into acceptances.

Gwynvyd roughly translates into #heaven, but not some distant place in the sky. You can remember, when you felt in love, maybe your first love. You floated on wings, your heart raced, everything seems more beautiful, more radiant. The state of love is the state of heaven, it is the secret key to the spiritual life that is not a secret. When we live in a state of love we realise that heaven has always been here.

#Discover #love in every action, every thought, every experience. Learn to love who you are, your human experience. In doing so you will light up from within, your soul will shine through in the sparking of your eyes and you will live a spiritual life. Simple, beautiful and free.

How do I love?

Remember the 2nd secret?

It opens the doorway to more love in your life?

So I leave you today with a question.

As you discover a deeper sense of love today, in all that you do, and start to realise the beauty that is innate in all experience, what will you also do to expand that love throughout all aspects of your life?

It is a question worth asking, start today.

If you have any questions or are struggling on your spiritual path why not get in touch:

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