Discovering the wisdom and power of Celtic Spirituality

One of the ways that the Celtic Spiritual path works through us is by firing our imaginations.

The stories, myths and legends of the Celtic tradition abound. They act as keys to the vast resources of the imagination and can be used to help us grow upon our spiritual path.

I have been working upon a very special 5 part inner pilgrimage that I am delighted to be running starting at the end of this month. (If you miss it this time there will always be other opportunities)

The Journey of the Five Saints will introduce you to five of the Celtic saints, their stories and invites you on an inner journey to gain insight, healing and understanding for your life. These journey's can literally be life changing.

If there is something upon your journey that you are struggling with, or part of your past you wish to heal, or maybe you seek guidance for the future be sure to book your place upon this wonderful opportunity.

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