How Rhythm is not just a dancer...

A myriad of people dancing, celebrating life as the dj pumps out mix after mix of tunes. Quite often people speak of almost spiritual like experiences whilst dancing and indeed rhythm has been used deep into our distant past to access spiritual states of mind.

Yet rhythm is not just that which keeps the time of the music we listen to, it is an integral part of our existence and one of the ways that, as we discover in the Celtic tradition, we can return back to our spiritual selves.

The late Celtic mystic John O' Donohue said,

"To be spiritual is to be in rhythm."

And indeed the notion of rhythm is never far from any aspect of the Celtic tradition whether it is the cycle of the moon, the wheel of the year within the more pagan expression of the Celtic path or the spiritual discipline of the daily prayer cycle from the Celtic Christian tradition.

Rhythm cannot be avoided.

We are born with our own natural tides, the rhythm of our hearts, breath, waking and sleeping. Day and Night, work and play, the seasons, the movement of the planets within our solar system and the oceans. All in rhythm, all in harmony and peace.

And there is nothing new. If we return to the ancient wisdom of the philosopher Hermes Trismegistus we see that one of the principles of Hermetics for living in harmony with the universe is:

"Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates."

So how does this awareness benefit us?

Within the Celtic Christian tradition we see the practice of the daily prayer rhythm. The praise and gratitude given to the divine throughout the day. Establishing this practice brings the awareness of the divine and the sacred into our every day lives. Helping us to live in the awareness of/in unity with the divine.

We can look to the natural rhythm of day an night and be aware of how our bodies, minds and feelings react within this. What is your natural rhythm that if you were to listen to would enable to get the most out of each day? And as we age, are we not just fulfilling the natural rhythm of being human? At different points in the dance of life different things matter to us, be in the awareness of where you are and let yourself flow with the natural rhythm of being you.

Our moods are part of our rhythm, by becoming aware of them we can not just utilise this awareness to choose the best times to do certain things. If we are in a low mood then this is just part of our rhythm and we can find peace in knowing that the tide will shift the other way.

As we become more aware of rhythm within our lives we begin to notice it in others, this can lead to a greater understanding and compassion for people and communities.

And as you begin to master the principle of rhythm within your life you will begin to notice how you can become more grounded and centred.

In this awareness you find that rather than dealing with life in a reactionary manner, you live life from your centre, a solid foundation that as you discover this more in your life will bring about a deeper sense of inner peace and oneness.

To be in rhythm is to be spiritual, is to be alive. When we discover that rhythm, we start to live in harmony with our true selves, as co-creators of our reality.

Take a few moments to imagine that you now. In harmony with your natural rhythm and that of the world around you. See the world as that you, hear the song of the world as that you, dance and move in that reality as you, now.

Take a deep breath and return to your natural breath, that natural tide, your rhythm that has been with you since you were born. And, as you become more aware of your breath, I wonder, just how much more you can begin to notice the rhythms in your life, and as you notice the rhythms in your life I wonder just how much more inner peace you will discover.

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