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LOA, Genie in a lamp or something more?

LOA, Law of Attraction is there anything in it or is it just like a genie in the lamp?

At face value the Law of Attraction can seem a little like making a wish and hoping for the best, and some approaches do make it sound like ask and it will just appear. However the LOA when approached practically can be a powerful way to create happiness, abundance and love in your life.

We cannot escape the law of attraction, it is in action all the time. Did you ever have a spot of good luck? For a while after things more than likely just seemed to go your way, but after a while those opportunities, chance moments and positive feelings started to fade again. Before to long you were back to being just you, nothing much good happens to you, it is just the way it is. How is it that for a short whilst life felt good, you felt good? The Answer? The Law of Attraction.

For a short whilst after the moment of luck you believed that good things happen to you, you bathed in the after glow of the moment. Knowing what it was to have good fortune your mind and awareness tuned into the positive occurrences and attracted more to you. However, as the ripples died down you go back to feeling the same old same old, and of course, you attract that same old.

Just imagine, how you can feel, if you have a way to create and attract more of the good stuff, abundance, love, opportunity, wealth. What would you do, who is the person you are not yet?

The thing is that which you focus upon you attract more of. Not in a mystical way, there is a part of your brain known as the Reticualr Activating System. It's job is to filter out things that do not match your belief in your self image. If you believe you are a good person who good things happen to, the RAS will be looking for those good things and filtering out the bad. Which is great, but it works both ways. If you think bad stuff always happens then the RAS will keep looking for the things that back this up. The more you focus upon what you do not want, what you do not like, what you not do have, the more the RAS will keep helping you discovering that which you do not have.

Alternatively, if you believe that you are fortunate, have abundance, have love, money etc. Your RAS will help find more good fortune, money and love because that is what you are focusing upon. And that is a small part of what makes the Law of Attraction work. You see, there is abundance of all that which makes you happy, feel good and peaceful. It is everywhere, but whilst you are focusing on not having it you will not. When we shift our focus the result can seem as if we are attracting new and positive things to ourselves.

The truth is, they were always there. But, like your house keys when you put them down, you either are looking to hard, not hard enough, or focusing on the idea you cannot find them, when really, they are there, in front of you all the time.

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