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Magic, you can be a star and shine.

I believe in magic...

I believe that you can take something that appears ordinary and make it extraordinary.

I also believe that there is no ordinary person, that every man and woman is a star, and given the right support, we all can shine.

I am not talking about every person on the planet becoming a movie or rock star, I mean that we can all make changes in our lives that allow us to be who we are, allow us to express more freely and what is most important, allow us to live life enjoying the experience of the expression of life that you are.

Magic to me is that beautiful ability that we all have as human beings to turn things around. To make changes that help us to live happier, freer lives. The world is full of these miracles. Within my own work I have seen people who have achieved things they never thought they could. or overcome obstacles and blocks from the past to live more fully, more authentically. Search the internet and you will see countless stories of powerful change. These are to me stories of magic.

I believe in people, I believe that when we live a life with love, peace and focus we can create the most wonderful acts of love, manifest a wonderful life, and generate powerful change. The change we seek has only ever been within.

You see, as you sit there, reading this, I know that you are amazing. I also know that there is no one else in the history of this planet that has ever been better equipped, with all the resources they need to be a better you. You are amazing, however you may just not realise that, yet.

The thing is, change happens, it is the one guarantee in life. You have a choice, you can just allow life to make the changes for you, or you can step into that amazing self that you are and be the author of your story. Choose to live a life of love and passion. You can be amazing at anything. You can be an amazing friend, wife, husband, juggler, waiter, dust bin collector, doctor, astronaut. The thing is, it is not the thing you do that makes you amazing, it is you that makes the thing you do amazing.

In the latest episode of the In Spirit Project Podcast I go into more details about magic and why I believe in it.

I shall finish by coming back to the fact that if you stop and look at your life, the unique challenges you have faced, the highs and the lows, the successes and the times it did not go to plan. You are awesome, you are anything but ordinary and you really do have every resource that you need to be the author of your life.

Be happy, be blessed and if I can help you along the way then get in touch.



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