Switch to Default and Feel Good

We have been drawn into an illusion. One that promises us happiness and fulfilment, yet leaves us empty and just longing for more.

Individualism, money obsession, materialism lead to a selfishness that enforces an attitude of entitlement and selfishness.

Me, me, me splits communities, divides families and is a breeding ground for stress, anxiety and depression. Feelings of isolation, never being good enough and despair increase the need for medications that are part of the big materialistic machine.

Do not get me wrong, having a little comfort is great, but we are peddled the image that we have to have the latest gadget, the latest shoes, and be into the latest trends and if we discover these things we will be happy.

But what happens when the phone breaks, the shoes get damaged?

Where is happiness, where is fulfilment in that which can be lost or destroyed.

Stuff is the illusion, it is the rogue program that contributes to a decline in spiritual and mental wellness.


There are ways that we can address this balance. What if you could reset, if you could revert to default mode?

What is that default mode?

As humans our natural default is to give, to share, hug and to care.

We are naturally community orientated creatures. Our fulfilment, joy and peace comes when we are part of community, giving of ourselves to others.

It is a part of our soul to want to end suffering for others, to be part of something that is bigger than us. And yet, we have allowed the materialistic self centred view in.

We even have spiritual industries that on one hand talk about higher being and yet on the other hand are insisting that you need to buy this and that to achieve the happiness you seek. Crystals, a multi-million pound industry that supports child slave labour, inadequate pay, horrendous working conditions and the destruction of land are seen to be the tools of the spiritually enlightened.

Step back from the spiritual PLC and you see the same materialistic world view. Money and self gratification through the spending of money and possessing stuff. All aimed at what you can do for you to make your life better. Which is great for repeat customers, because none of this will ever stop that longing.

Across the world the spiritual message of the ages, the Golden Rule is to

Do Unto Others....

To treat others as you yourself would like to be treated.

If your spiritual path is not a path of heart, if it is not encouraging you to seek to help others, to love, to share, to hug and to care then step away from it. If it is making you think of nothing but yourself then you will never find fulfilment.

The Beatles were right when they said, " All you need is love."

Love others

Love the planet

Love the Divine, the great mystery.

Do these things and the love of self will follow naturally. As a child of the universe, we are born with the divine light within. We are taught to hate, to be selfish, it is not in our nature at birth.

Every world religion and spirituality has at it's heart the idea of union, of returning back to the divine. The purpose of Yoga is that unity with the cosmos, with God, but you can never be part of something bigger if you do not make yourself available,

The illusion of materialism and of individualism keeps us trapped in a small box, cuts us off from the rest of reality.

If you want to feel good in life, if you want to feel a sense of belonging, if you want to heal the wounds that you carry and step into unity, oneness then it is time to reset, time to return to your default mode.

Love, Share, Hug, Care

When we enter into service to our community we invite the universe and it's richness into our souls.

If you want to feel happier, more fulfilled then start to be in the world.

Start to get involved in local projects, groups and volunteering opportunities.

If there are none,, then start something up. It could be as simple as getting to know people in your area and once a month inviting everyone around for a brew and a chat.

As individuals we can create some amazing things, as community we can change life.

So let's reset, and switch to that default, natural setting....

So how is it, that you can begin, to discover new ways to be a part of life?

What is that you can do today that in helping others will help you grow as a person?

What is your next step to belonging?

If you are struggling on your path at the moment why not book up a free initial chat.

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