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SO, What is Spiritual Coaching?

Spiritual coaching helps those who feel lost.

Spiritual Coaching helps you explore your spiritual nature.

Spiritual Coaching helps you create a spiritual way of life that fits in with your everyday.

Spirituality is many things to many people. Some see it as being about their relationship to God/ Goddess/ Great Spirit. Others do not believe that there is a God in the conventional manner, yet feel that there is something higher than/ more than the everyday mundane life. A higher expression of self.

The Great Work as it has been known is a path that is open to all. To know who you truly are, to live an authentic life is an amazing journey to undertake.

The pathway through the spiritual forest is one of discovery and experience, it also involves a certain amount of dedication on behalf of the traveller.

My role as a spiritual coach is twofold.

To walk beside the newcomer to spirituality, and act as a guide, to those who may have already set off on their spiritual adventure.

For those who are stepping out for the first time I help you explore all aspects of your spiritual calling. Helping you to understand your spiritual connection, to aid you to discover your personal expression of your spiritual self and to work with you to create a bespoke spiritual lifestyle that meets your needs as well as those of the needs of a modern world.

For those who have been walking their path for longer I act as a partial guide. We can all get to a point where we feel stick upon our spiritual journey, or disillusioned. My role is to help you work beyond those blocks, to see that next step, and help to a place of clarity, where your connection to life, your higher self can again manifest throughout life.

Helping you discover your personal expression of your spiritual nature. Helping you discover how you wish to express that within your life is the most satisfying aspect of the work that I do.

Helping you find inner peace, your connection to the divine and your higher self and awakening your experience of life. Enriching even the mundane aspects of life to help you live an authentic life, discovering more about who you are and your place in the great mystery, that is the role of spiritual coaching.

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