The Scribe in the Woods - gratitude for the natural world

A hedge of trees surrounds me, a blackbird's lay sings to me, praise I shall not conceal,

Above my lined book the trilling of the birds sings to me.

A clear voiced cuckoo sings to me in a gray cloak from the tops of bushes,

May the Lord save me from Judgement; well do I write under the greenwood.

(Early Irish Poem)

I love the simple sense of gratitude that is found in The Scribe in the Woods poem.

Just imagining the scribe sat, dappled by sunlight under a mighty oak. Quill in hand. And whilst writing out the divine verse being kept company by the songs of the birds in the green canopy above.

A friend of mine is a scribe and I know from talking to him the almost trance like state of mind he goes into when working on something. The whole process if deeply meditative.

I get a sense of how it would feel to be submerged in that woodland, with the sounds of the woods and the gentle voice of the quill as it scratches the parchment.

Often in modern world we can be detached from such moments, always filling time with stuff. But how often do we take that time to go and sit in the woodland, a field a moor and just listen to the gifts that are there.

In a divine universe everything from the act of going there, to sitting and being still is divine. Giving ourselves that space to just be still, to delight in the song of birds, the way the light plays, the gentle sounds of the breeze. Or to breath in that wonderful woodland scent, or peaty air for the moorland. To feel the warm earth beneath us, the rough bark of a tree or the long corn as we walk through the field, allowing the heads to touch our hands.

The natural world is full of these treasures, expressions of a creation that is constantly reforming itself into existence.

When we take the time to be with these simple pleasures we connect with a living ever present divine spirit.

The sounds of life, whispering, singing and calling for us to stop, and realise that the splendor of Eden is still with us. Often we can take our problems out and ask the spirit of life and love to help us find answers in the world around us.

Further more, these gifts are always there. Sometimes changing with a season and what better way to give praise and thanks than to go out into the world and when you hear that bird song or the light shines beautifully through autumn leaves to say, "Thank You." At the same time realising that God is the sing, the bird, the air that carried it to your ears. God is the hearer ad the hearing, that which observes you hearing.

So get yourself out, if you need guidance, ask the birds, they will carry your message to the heavens. Be in the natural world with gratitude and love and you will start to discover the ever presence of the divine.

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