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Awakening to your spiritual life

“aatamani adhi iti adhyatma”

The above statement from the Hindu scriptures translates to “all that is performed in accordance with the wishes of the soul is spirituality.” Adhyatma is the Sanskrit word for spirituality.

For those of us upon a spiritual path it can be easy to overlook ways of discovering the answers to those bigger questions, to the ultimate Know Thyself. Today I aim to shine some light on an area of practice that you may just have overlooked.

To live the spiritual life is a journey of self-knowledge, of uncovering our truths and to live a life in accordance with our true purpose. The goal, to return to our truest self, the highest aspect of ourselves that some call divine.

There are many ways to achieve this life of bliss and truth. All the world religions offer their practices and beliefs for us to follow. From the ancient practices of yoga, meditation through to modern new age concepts the pathways to living spiritually are many. Once you have chosen your path, along the way you will encounter obstacles and frustrations.

One method that can enhance and aid the spiritual life is spiritual hypnosis.

Hypnosis in itself is a technique that allows you through a state of consciousness to enter within, explore the vast resources of your inner-self and remove obstacles that affect your life. Working with the unconscious mind hypnosis allows us to work at the very level of belief and experience.

Forget what you think you may know about this most ancient of practices, if what we think shapes our reality, hypnosis gives you the tools to manifest the life you wish to live.

Trance has been a part of spirituality for millennia, over the last couple of centuries it has been separated from an sometimes even vilified, but spiritual hypnosis allows you to access your inner self, the other and transform your life.


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