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Helping people awaken to their spiritual self to shape their connection with life

Helping you develop your personal, spiritual path opening to your innate wisdom

A soul friend, walking beside you, helping you overcome the obstacles and challenges of living a spiritual life.

I have been walking beside people upon their spiritual journey's for over 16 years. Running retreats, offering personal guidance and helping people unfold upon their spiritual path.

I work with people who are just starting out helping them find confidence in and develop a personal, spiritual practice to meet their needs and lifestyle.

My work also includes helping those who have been treading their path for longer. Helping people to overcome blocks in their spiritual life, reconnecting those who feel lost.

Learn Meditation

Meditation has been a part of my life for over 30 years. I will be honest, I have not done it every day of those thirty years plus, yet, it is like returning home to an old friend every time I have had a break. The peace,, joy and clarity I gain aids me through life's journey.

So back in 2007 I decided to train as a meditation teacher with the British School of Yoga. I now have a 6 session course that brings the basics of meditation to people, allowing them to set up their own relationship with meditation, overcome obstacles and gain the benefits that meditation brings.

I also run a weekly free online meditation session via Facebook you can join the group HERE

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